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CC Insurance Solutions Blog: health

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Millions of Americans have or are at risk for diabetes, one of the leading causes of death in the United States. The disease can lead to kidney failure, amputations, and blindness. Many people with diabetes don’t know that they have it—fortunately, Medicare covers screening tests so you can find out if you do. READ MORE >>

Neglecting oral health could be a costly exercise in denial. The national debate over health insurance largely overlooked dental coverage. But many of the problems in the health care industry – lack of access, high costs and poor health outcomes – afflict dental coverage, too. READ MORE >>

College graduation marks a huge transition for young people as they say goodbye to finals and fraternities and hello to entry-level jobs and student loan payments. Here’s something else that today’s college grads need to consider: health insurance. READ MORE >>

Whether they like it or not, a growing number of Americans will be taking into their own hands the task of insuring their health. That’s the gist of a survey showing that nearly one in five employers plan to stop offering health benefits over the next three to five years, according to Hewitt Associates, a global human resources consulting firm. READ MORE >>

The luck of the Irish is not enough to protect you against a possible encounter with an impaired driver during St. Patrick's Day. Alcohol-related crashes continue to be the main factor for deaths during this holiday. In 2000 there were 151 fatal car accidents on St. Patrick's Day, half of which were alcohol-related. READ MORE >>

Health and life insurance provide the foundation to help you protect your family finances and achieve your life goals. Understanding insurance billing and coverage can be tricky, especially when you have congenital heart disease, but knowing a few simple facts can make things much easier. Health Insurance READ MORE >>

Many colleges and universities provide different types of health insurance or major medical insurance plans for students. Some even cover graduate students or alumni. This is in addition to the standard employee benefits that these institutions offer to faculty and other staff. READ MORE >>

Easy Lifestyle Changes to Lower Health Care Costs Changing your lifestyle to be healthier doesn't just mean you get to feel good -- it means your wallet does as well. Being a healthier person is always a good thing but it can also help lower health care costs with less trips to the doctor and such. READ MORE >>

February is American Heart Month and is meant to raise awareness about an issue of concern to all Americans, including truck drivers. Throughout the month Truckers News will provide information on how to prevent heart disease, heart-healthy diet and exercise tips. READ MORE >>

The mortality rate in Massachusetts declined substantially in the four years after the state enacted a law in 2006 mandating universal health care coverage, providing the model for the Affordable Care Act. In a study released last week, Harvard School of Public Health professors Benjam... READ MORE >>

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