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Social Security Planning - When Should I Elect to Receive Social Security Benefits?

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"When Should I Elect Social Security?"


You may not realize it yet, but when you elect Social Security is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in retirement. It will impact the amount of income you receive, the amount of taxes you pay and how you utilize your other assets.

You wouldn’t take a decision about a $500,000 asset lightly would you?

The average household retiring today stands to receive approximately $556,000 over the course of their retirement, according to the Urban Institute. Many people stand to gain or lose more than $100,000 in benefits depending on how they make this one decision.

Our Expert Social Security Retirement Benefits Service

Our expertise and years of experience with social security retirement benefits helps work with you in the following ways to design the best retirement plan for your needs:

– Using software, we analyze hundreds of possible election strategies and identify the one that offers the highest lifetime value.

Integrate – We examine your optimal Social Security election strategy in light of your other assets, income streams and goals to identify potential conflicts. We’ll help you match your Social Security decision to your overall plan.

Identify Alternatives – When conflicts exist due to asset structure or income needs we will identify alternative Social Security strategies.

Present – Provide a report comparing best, earliest and alternative strategies for your consideration.

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